BSPB will celebrate the Eagle Day at the National Museum of Natural History

20 June.2022

White-tailed Eagle and Golden Eagle © Bogdan Boev

On June 27 (Monday) at the National Museum of Natural History, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) will celebrate National Eagle Day. We will introduce the guests of the museum to interesting facts about some of the most emblematic and rare eagles in our country - the Imperial Eagle, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the White-tailed Eagle, the Golden Eagle, the Booted Eagle, and the Short-toed eagle.

We will prepare an introductory game for the young visitors, as the first 50 children who solved the riddles will receive a gift - a badge with a bird.

The date is not accidental - June 27 was chosen as National Eagle Day during the campaign " “Life for the Eagles in Bulgaria", which BSPB organized years ago to draw public attention to these majestic but increasingly rare birds and the threats to their habitats. This day every year reminds us of the indispensable role of eagles in nature through information campaigns and educational initiatives.

The event is organized jointly with the National Museum of Natural History within the LIFE projects “LIFE for Eagle’s Habitats“,  and “Life Danube Free Sky”.

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