The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds will celebrate its upcoming 30th anniversary with a new visual identity

29 September.2017

As its 30th anniversary approaches, The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds changes its image with a brand new logo. The logo keeps the iconic for the organisation Egyptian vulture from the original one, but the bird is now a heavily stylized and in flight.

The new emblem keeps the previous blue shade, but also allows for the interchanging of several other colours, which lie in the organisation’s new visual identity.

The logo was chosen through a contest for professional designers. The winner was the young artist Vasilena Georgieva, who graduated with a masters in advertisement design from the National Academy of Arts and now makes a living in London, where she’s been working as a designer for a software company since 2016.

The image she created was chosen by the members of the general assembly on the 13th of May 2017 by the grand majority.

The Egyptian vulture on the logo of BSPB has been the symbol of the organisation ever since its creation on the 3rd of July 1988. The species is endangered worldwide and continues to represent nature conservation in the current day and age, being the bird of prey with the fastest declining population in Europe at the moment. In the last 30 years just the Bulgarian population of Egyptian vultures has declined by over 80%.

BSPB works for the protection and conservation of wild birds, their habitats, important for them places such as mating or hunting grounds, as well as the overall biodiversity of the region. Through their work they aid the sustainable use of the natural resources in the area and the general wellbeing of the people who live there.

The BSPB is also a part of the biggest and oldest nature conservation partnership organization in the world – BirdLife International. Created in 1922, Birdlife joins the forces of like-minded organizations in over 120 countries and has over 13 million supporters worldwide.


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